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Monday, November 30, 2009

Would-Be Murderers Receive Funding

The would-be murderers are the 30 Family Planning clinics placed strategically around New Zealand, who have recently stated that they intend to apply to the Abortion Supervisory Committee to be given a license to commit feticide in each of their 'sexual health' clinics. Family Planning promotes 'safe sex' to young children, and is the biggest abortion referral organisation in New Zealand.
As seen above, there have been protests throughout the country to protest FPNZ's stated aim.
The funding they've received has come from Telecom for several years.
Here's what Right To Life NZ has to say about Family Planning, in their latest press release on this ground-breaking discovery:
"The Association is the major abortion referral agency in New Zealand; it believes that we need abortion as a back up for so called failed contraceptives. It supports girls under the age of 16 being able to have an abortion without the knowledge or consent of parents..
So. If you or I have been using Telecom as our service provider for the last few years/currently, we are directly sponsoring Family Planning who are being given $50,000 grants each year.
It's possible to stop this though: we can boycott Telecom - switch services to give Telecom a shock to its system, and stop being a part of a death scheme. What do you think?
thanks to Right To Life NZ for the use of their press release here.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fudge, Glorious Fudge

Fudge is exciting. Its caramelly flavour, crystallised and grainy texture, sometimes studded with nuts and swirled with dark chocolate - these things convince me that fudge is the quintessence of an old-time sweet.
One does not quickly tire of this smooth and visually stimulating candy: despite its almost indecent calorie-laden sugariness, it is possible to eat at least four pieces at one time - or a whole tray full, if you are of the male sex.
When I wrote the above few sentences a couple of months ago, I was feeling victorious after making a big dish of thick, smooth and just-the-right-firmness fudge without gloopiness, and without the hard, over-cooked texture commonly found in fudge trials.
It was maple and walnut. One triumphant tasting of fudge later I was writing the above lines, about to (modestly and understatedly) praise my brilliant culinary skills.
The success of the fudge made me heady: such a triumph over one of my Achilles' heels was worthy of a good glass of champagne.
Sadly, I didn't complete the post. You didn't get to hear the ravings of a girl in a fudge-mood.

Tonight I was waylaid by some Alison Holst books. (Beware of such an occurrence when you have been industriously studying all day. The sudden desire to make old fashioned sweets comes upon you more suddenly at such times, and you will be powerless to do anything other than obey your sweet instincts.)
I turned to the ginger fudge page. There it was, an old-school picture of creamy ginger fudge, sprinkled with walnuts and placed appetisingly in a little black box with tissue paper around it. Oh, so good. Seeing the picture was the point of no return.
Quickly, (before Mum could get back home and stop me in my illegal proceedings) I placed the butter, sugar and milk in the microwave-safe bowl, then pressed instant start on the microwave. And kept pressing the button and stirring the gloop and testing the sugary liquid in the bowl-of-cold-water-testing-solution.
I believed in myself.
The mixture was bubbling and becoming golden, then caramel-brown.
Finally, my instincts told me the toffee was ready, the fudge-making could begin. Engrossed in the mesmerising fudge process, I measured maple essence and a little salt into the mixture, then took the hand beater and began to beat.
After a minute I felt something was rotten in the state of the fudge proceedings - the mixture was becoming grainy. Then grainier.
It became at length so grainy that it was somewhat pointless to beat the resisting globules anymore.
Hastily, I grabbed the fudge tin, sprayed it and spread the hardening material inside it.
But it was too late: the fudge was overcooked.
My splendid visions of glorious, creamy fudge were gone. I had thought my fudge-making skills were invincible - that I knew the meaning of the mystery to true fudge production.
Now I knew the truth: happiness in fudge-making is entirely a matter of chance. There will always be vexations, and disappointments, but it is better to know as little about the trials of fudge-making before you start.

Do you guys have some tales of fudge making? Do you find fudge difficult to make - or at least, difficult to get right - or do you find it a breeze? And if so, could you please share your recipe? :)

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Family Planning Assn. Seeking to Commit Own Abortions

You guys heard of the new debate around Mifepristone? Otherwise known as RU486, the name they gave it in its testing stage - this drug is an abortafacient in pill form, created to kill unborn babies up to nine weeks old.
This drug is good news for women who don't want to have surgery to 'terminate their pregnancy'. It's as easy as getting a couple of government-subsidised pills, drinking them down and waiting for the side effects. Nearly all women who take mifepristone experience abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding and/or uterine cramping. Other side effects include nausea, vomiting, dizziness and/or fever, and possible (but rare) death - rare for the mother, that is.

The first dose of Mifepristone blocks progesterone, a chemical that helps build up the uterus for the baby, giving it the nutrients it needs to survive. Starvation.
Then, a drug called misoprostol is taken to start contractions, and the baby is born - dead.

This abortaficient is being used increasingly around the world as a safe and easy abortion method. Here in New Zealand, our top 'sexual health' advocates, Family Planning, are vying to get the right to commit abortions using this drug. FP has 17 clinics around New Zealand, a friendly website and a clean image. At the moment they're starting with the FP clinic in Hamilton, as a kind of incubator for their idea. If the Government allows them to use this drug, our country's abortion statistics will grow gargantuan.
When all one has to do to get rid of a mistake is swallow a couple of pills, the life-death question becomes sidelined.

Welcome to our Brave New World.

There are things that people with conviction (John the Savage-ites) can do about this debate: Join us in our protest here in Christchurch.

See you there.

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