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Monday, November 30, 2009

Would-Be Murderers Receive Funding

The would-be murderers are the 30 Family Planning clinics placed strategically around New Zealand, who have recently stated that they intend to apply to the Abortion Supervisory Committee to be given a license to commit feticide in each of their 'sexual health' clinics. Family Planning promotes 'safe sex' to young children, and is the biggest abortion referral organisation in New Zealand.
As seen above, there have been protests throughout the country to protest FPNZ's stated aim.
The funding they've received has come from Telecom for several years.
Here's what Right To Life NZ has to say about Family Planning, in their latest press release on this ground-breaking discovery:
"The Association is the major abortion referral agency in New Zealand; it believes that we need abortion as a back up for so called failed contraceptives. It supports girls under the age of 16 being able to have an abortion without the knowledge or consent of parents..
So. If you or I have been using Telecom as our service provider for the last few years/currently, we are directly sponsoring Family Planning who are being given $50,000 grants each year.
It's possible to stop this though: we can boycott Telecom - switch services to give Telecom a shock to its system, and stop being a part of a death scheme. What do you think?
thanks to Right To Life NZ for the use of their press release here.


Blogger Siminy said...


Argh. I don't like Telecom at all now.

6:11 pm  
Blogger Lydz said...

aha. Telecom does help out other charities, which is great - Right to Life pointed that out. To fund an abortion referral organisation is overstepping the border though..

6:20 pm  

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