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Friday, March 21, 2008

"You'd make a good wife to some lucky bloke" or Women Who Do Dishes Make Good Wives

Yeah Right.

Situation: I'm standing at the sink, up to my elbows in suds, finishing off the last of stacks and stacks of dishes. A guy comes up to me. He's over 50. He stands there and contemplates the job I'm doing. Suddenly, a big grin lights up his face, and his eyes start to sparkle: he's figured out something witty to say.
"You'd make a good wife."
I pull a couple of strands of hair away from my face with soapy hands. I know what he means, but I'm curious to know what makes a good wife, according to him.
"Why?" I ask him.
He blinks.
"Because you're doing dishes, you know, you're in the kitchen. Women who do dishes make good wives."
I cringe inwardly.
"But that's not all women have to do to be good wives. I mean, I don't have to do dishes to be a good wife. I might get the hus to do it."
In answer, he restates his main point: good wives do dishes.


That wasn't the first time I heard that... It was the foody one too.

Men like to eat: Therefore, men like wives who cook good food. Agreed: men like food. And it is an attribute of a good wife that they make good food. It's just not a prerequisite! I better not get into the logic of it, but there is something more to being a wife than just cooking and doing dishes..

I believe.
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