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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ignorance is so 2006: part 2

Like the Alphas, Betas and Epsilons in Aldous Huxely's Brave New World, we are being taught our job and nothing more. The Evil Henchmen who run the Government don't want to produce people who think independently of course. In order for any non-christian society to run smoothly it needs to be oiled with lies and half - truths, and the real truth must, at any cost, be supressed. 'For the greater happiness of the majority.' Anyone who challenges the order of things must be shut down or terminated before they make havoc with the system. Another way to get rid of thinkers or at least to cut down their numbers, is to teach the new generation not to think.

It's not hard and here's a couple of easy steps to acheive the desired result: 1. Take children out of families in order for the State to own them. To do this, simply take away parental control of children. Parental discipline needs to be done away with, because it's the State's job to administer punishment. Send the children to a State 'school' (prison, but don't tell them that) where they'll get served revisionist history, textbook drivel and lashings of Evolution.

2. When their brain is nicely cooked after years of this conditioning, take them out and put them in the higher level: the State University is just the thing for finishing off these works of art.
After all the years of imbibing the State doctrine, you can pretty much do what you want with them. They are yours, just don't let any airy fairy things like 'religion' or that irritating thing called 'Christianity' get in the way of their nicely indoctrinated brains. If you've done a good job on their minds, you shouldn't have a problem with this. They will know instinctively that 'Christianity' is anti-State, and is therefore the one crime that no true citizen should commit.

I know that this might seem overly harsh, but the fact is that this is where our society seems to be heading. It scares me. But, I need to remember of course, that God holds the Governments, Kings and Queens, in His hand. He is the one who is in control of everything. We can totally rely on Him because He cares for us.

Anyway, our Government's plan is cunning, but simple. They know that thinking is dangerous, so all they have to do is to teach our new generation (me) not to think. Basically, the aim is to keep everyone simple, ignorant, unified, moderately happy, and the result will be Government slaves. Just like 100% tax would be slavery, so a deliberately uninformed mind is slavery. It is a pawn in the Government's game of chess.

God will win it.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Ignorance is so 2006

Some thoughts about life in general...

My mind is like a narrow tube which only selects certain approved things to believe. It always compares whatever situation I'm in with someone else's and then it makes decisions based on the scan. My mind believes in free will, in me, as in a human being who consciously decides what to do and does it unhindered. I believe that without taking into account all the things that tilt the scales in my mind. I believe in the Bible, in Jesus Christ (my hero :) but still in this uncompromisingly narrow, limited way. Any real growth that should be happening in my spiritual life is stunted by my formulaic mindset. Partly I believe what I want to believe, partly what my society has taught me to believe. I am a christian but my mind is warped by the endless repetitions of a society which preaches promiscuity, moral-less human beings, the need to conform, religious tolerance in the extreme, the rights of man, also to the extreme, a Babel - like Communism.

It scares me to think that I and many others will become mindless bolts in the machinery of the State if we don't literally stand up against our society.

We are not animals but they are indoctrinating our new generation that we are. They are dishing up the half - baked hypothesis of Evolution to five year olds and feeding them with it every day. What frightens me is that by telling our children that that are animals, they are creating animals. Human beings who were never told that they were made in God's image, that were never taught morals, let alone the good old Ten Commandments. Instead of hating what is evil and loving what is good we repeat the pattern of the Fall and are being told to love evil.

Our senses are tempted everywhere we look or go. In taking away morals and truth, selflessness and respect for our neighbour they are creating humans who are about as dead morally as animals. Worse, because we are innately wicked. Instead of self-control we can have self indulgence... because "Everyone must be allowed to express themselves." They say.

Their evil plan is working. Already we live our little autonomous lives in our ignorance and stupidity. Some irritating person said: "Ignorance is bliss." Well he was ignorant. The thing is, bliss doesn't matter if there's no grounding of truth behind it. What our country needs is real men and women who want to discover the truth and do something about it.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Super - size me

How horrible it would be not to be able to change; our lives would be locked into repetition, formulas and a dull little box - like view of the world. Without some change there would be ignorance, complacence and contentment. Everyone would live in their narrow little lives and no one would be able to change because change would mean that the cosy, comfortable lives the people had created for themselves would come crumbling down around them. That narrow world view of theirs wouldn't cope with the change because change is new and the new always challenges the old.

Somewhere along the line we humans bought into the idea that everyone should have their own private lives - with a big scoop of "rights" and a super - sized dish of selfishness. Upstanding citizens in our country throw a bit of money at the cancer society every year or sponsor a child in Africa and that stops the guilt. Instead of waking up to what's really wrong with the world, people appease their guilt about it by throwing their excess cash around. They don't want to know what's happening but they do want to feel better about it.

God gave us brains to use, not to leave at home. Some people have the courage to use them: they stand up for something bigger than themselves and it doesn't matter to them whether they're the minority against an overwhelming majority. Like Act's tag line, they have the guts to do what's right. And like Bob the Builder, they get the job done.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Bennett Family's Newsletter

To my dear ______

This is a newsletter from the Bennett family, we are sorry it has taken so long to write it. As you know, with the latest disturbance in our family, our mother is struggling to regain her health, and is now confined to her bed, where she complains of her nerves. Our kind Aunt Phillips calls nearly every day, and offers as much encouragement as can be given, at a time like this. We hope to hear soon whether our Uncle has found Lydia and Wickham in London, and pray that they might be married as soon as possible. Mother is set on having Lydia marry at the most expensive establishment, and insists on showing her the best warehouses. Mr Collins was condescending enough as to pay us a visit. We were condescending enough to listen to him for ten minutes. He was gracious enough to say that the death of our sister Lydia was a better future for her than her present position, we were indebted to him.

Jane has been staying in London for the past three months, in the hope of seeing Mr. Bingley there.
She has not had that pleasure, but has had the even greater joy of seeing her dear friend, Caroline Bingley. Lizzy recently went on holiday with her Aunt to Derbyshire, where she toured the vast estate of Pemberly, and was surprised to see Mr. Darcy. He was most obliging and invited the party to dinner, which they accepted. Lizzy met Mr. Darcy's sister there, Miss Georgiana. She is a most delightful young lady: she plays and sings all day long.

Mary is deeply engrossed in Fordyces Sermons, and only rarely emerges to the surface. Kitty, our second youngest, cries because our father says that not another officer may enter the village.
We have recently been honoured with a visit from Mr. Collins' noble patroness, Lady Catherine de Burg. She was a little upset about something: Lizzy says she believed it was something to do with the shades of Pemberly being polluted.

We hope that you and your family are in good health, and that you are all coming to the next ball at Meryton?

With fond regards,

The Bennett family

"Trust Caci" - Yeah Right.

from an article by

"To women everywhere: It's time to stop being dowdy and old. You have areas of concern? Botox can fix it for you. Are you feeling older than you really are? Having trouble with those wrinkles round your eyes that just won't go away and the irritating frown lines? Frustrated by your lip wrinkles and brows that were never the right shape? Botox has the answer.
Because, get with it! This is 2008, and it's no longer ok to be out of shape. With just a few quick injections, all your problems will be solved and you'll have confidence to go out into society again. Our mothers never had the benefit of using botox, and didn't they look awful? Thankfully, times have changed. We can be turning 50 but look 35 because of wonderful new technology like Botox or Juvederm Dermal Filler. Women: don't be content with the way you look. Wrinkles are not okay anymore and neither is looking old if you don't need to. Women: It's time to embrace a better future! Come to your nearest Caci Medispa for treatment and receive a FREE CACI Anti - Ageing Eye treatement valued at $75 to maximise your results!"


All power to women (and men) who are content with how God made them. Paul the apostle said he was content in whatever situation he found himself in, and he had a harder life than most people. I get the feeling that he wouldn't have gone in for these botox treatments to erase the look of his latest ship wreck or beating.
The unfortunates go for these 'treatments' and have all their lines erased, those 'crow's feet' - the lines around people's eyes when they smile, which gives their face character, and the 'chin crease' which is, heck, so normal anyway. They get the Lip Rejuvenation and Enhancement' which I suppose must plump up your lips, and they get those frown lines removed. For a while after these visits, victims must look, in an Avon - magazine - way, better. Of course, they look different. The map of their life which was on their face is gone. They look fake enough to be socially accepted and they feel, oh so good about it. Tragically, this doesn't last.

Here's an excerpt from an article on botox side effects, from

Months after US authorities sounded the alarm, European officials are warning of dangerous possible side effects from the wrinkle-smoothing injection Botox, according to a German news report.

The London-based European Medicines Agency had by August 2007 recorded more than 600 cases of negative effects potentially linked to the popular cosmetic treatment, Focus news weekly reported in its issue to be released Monday.

In 28 cases Botox users died.

Botulinum toxin is in botox, here's what they say about it:

The botulinum toxin is a natural poison found in decomposing food that is 40 million times more powerful than cyanide.

When injected, tiny doses paralyse a muscle and prevent it from contracting for between four and six months -- ideal for temporarily eliminating worry lines but potentially deadly if it affects the wrong muscles, authorities said.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hippy Juliet, Hippy Romeo and the Country Gentleman

"It's a bit hip" - Andy.

We formulated the plan yesterday: 1. Sneak over to the park in hippy gear. 2. Take some ultra - random pictures. 3. Don't get caught.

Everything worked according to plan: Apart from one freaked out looking lady pushing a pram, no one saw us and the whole park was ours. I'd found a bit of liberty cotton fabric with some retro flowers printed on it and tied it round my head: perfect, a hippyish scarf. Mum had conveniently bought a brick - orange top which sort of hangs off one shoulder. Fantastic. About a year ago I'd found some ultra - long painted wooden earings that had dangly bits on them. On they go. Take a look in the mirror: result, not bad. Andrew's trying out next year's fashion with a black, ringleted wig and an orange and white bandanna, also a crinkled blue singlet that has seen better days.
From somewhere Nath has found the English gentleman's poncy straw hat and is trying it out in the mirror. It looks just right on him, but he complains that it looks awful. We bang it on his head and drag him off to the park.

We've reached the spot we had in our minds to take the pictures from, but have no idea what to do. Andy orders me to "go over there"... I strike a hands - on - hips - eyes - narrowed pose and Andy takes a couple. A peice of bark that looks like a cigar, the hat and my cardigan make Nathan the genuine English country gentleman, idling, enjoying life with a self - assured, complacent look. Nath was born to do this.

We walk around the rugby league building and regard with interest a handy staircase that goes up to the top part of the building. Very Westside Story. I climb up to the top and say "Hey! We could do Romeo and Juliet! Flinging out his arm and looking pleadingly up at me, Andy becomes the Hippy Romeo, and I stretch out my arm to him in some kind of mute appeal. Nathan takes the photos with the camera on Andy's phone.

The slap of a hand on metal makes me look down. Andy is clinging to the pole, climbing up it towards the platform I'm standing on. I've got absolutely no idea how he does it, but tell Nath to hurry up with the camera 'cause I'm guessing this isn't easy, and might not last. Nath hurries up. Hooking one hand around the iron frame on top of the platform, Andy stretches his arm up and I place mine delicately in his. Nath obediently takes the photo. With a groan, Andy unhooks his hand and slides/falls down the pole to the ground. Phew.

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