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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bike Assassin

This blog should have been written long ago, when people were still interested in what happened to my bike. So if you're uninterested, or offended by the horrible orange and purple colour scheme on my blog, don't keep reading.
We went back inside with negative feelings towards the drunk/druggy/bike assassin who took my bike. Mum took instant action and phoned the police. It won't do any good I thought, but later on in the afternoon, we got a phone call. It was the police. They had arrested a guy who had been involved in a series of burglaries around our neighborhood. He and some mates had been robbing a house and one of them had to get out of the scene of the crime, so he looked around for a bike.
I hope he felt ashamed to use a girls bike.
To put the blame on us, he put another stolen bike in the girl's bike's place. This bike was a black Avanti. The bike was returned to us a couple of days later, and it felt pretty weird riding it and knowing that the last person who rode it was a robber and was now getting a sentence.
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