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Thursday, November 03, 2011

New happiness

Many new and exciting things have happened since I last wrote.

Several months ago I started to like clothes.  I never had particularly cared about them before.
And shoes!
As a result, my wardrobe is full of 'thrifted' or bargain clothing - dresses and tops and jeans, a dizzying number of belts, and shoes.  They are all arrayed as they never had been before.  Clothing that had never been loved and never would be was unmercifully separated from cherished pieces and pushed into big boxes.  Necklaces and belts now dangle spectacularly over the shoes arrayed on the top of a new dresser in my wardrobe (thanks Esther for the upgrade!).
I generally leave one half of the wardrobe open so that I can glance over at the prettiness and feel happy.

I suppose this is all rather strange goings on; it's exciting for me because it's all so new.  Clothes are so new, and exciting!  Going to opshops has become a heart-thumping adventure, that can be so thrilling (carrying home a truly satisfying piece) or tragic (if the store is shut before I get there).

There are so many things that one could wear!

Something I've noted about all this happy clothes-hunting:  It would be so very easy to let clothes take over my heart's affections, to put it in a Victorian-esque way.  To turn into someone who cares for friends and clothes and nothing else.  (Scary thought indeed).  Jesus needs to be most loved - a constant process of loving him first - and then I can love whatever else I will.  And those loves will be clothes family, and lesser important things like clothes.

Here are some beautiful sites I've come across:

A Beautiful Mess:
Saturated Canary:
etc. etc. etc.

...when I'm meant to be studying (or sleeping, as in now).

And what all this means is that I want to start sewing.  And I want to do exciting, crazy things; more exciting and more crazy than usual.  And I want to be 'myself' - a cliched phrase because it's so awfully true.
And.. there's so much more I could say, but I should sleep.  Soon I will be finished Uni, and I'll be able to write on here more I hope. :)


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