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Thursday, April 23, 2009

the attack of the pro-lifers? I don't think so, Cecile Richards.

About a month ago I joined up to Planned Parenthood of the US. Not as a supporter.
They were looking for young people who they could get in contact with, in order to be united in fighting "anti choice extremists". Their choice of words was fascinating - I decided to join up, only to get the emails they'd send through to charge up pro choicers in the battle. Today I got an email from them. The subject read: "Urgent: Anti-choice extremists move to block Gov. Sebelius".

At the moment, in the US, a woman called Kathleen Sebelius (yeah, like the composer :) the Governor of Kansas, is the most likely candidate for becoming the next secretary of health to Barrack Obama. This woman is an abortion radical. She supports taxpayer - funded abortions, late term abortions, and her integrity has been called into question on several issues. It was found that she had been receiving large sums of money as campaign contributions, from late - term abortion providers who were keen to support her vetoing of any positive adjustments to abortion laws, without disclosing the fact. Sebelius also failed to pay all her taxes, for three whole years. She subsequently paid back $7,000.

Ten conservatives in the US, on behalf of pro-life and pro - family organisations, wrote to the Senate to lay down the facts and ask that this woman be denied the position of Secretary of Health. The letter caused a massive stir - up among the 'pro-choice' groups in the US. As a result of the stir - up, I got this letter from Planned Parenthood, to call me to fight the attacks of anti-choice extremists.
Here's a few things that Cecile Richards, the President of PP, says:

"President Obama's nominee for secretary of health and human services, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, is under attack from anti-choice extremists. They want to block her confirmation, and they're doing everything they can to convince their allies in the Senate to play along."

"Gov. Sebelius is a leading health policy expert, a popular governor, and a strong advocate for increased health care access. But none of that matters to the radical groups that have
decided to protest her nomination. They are dead set on blocking any nominee with a history of supporting access to full reproductive health care services -- and they're pressuring the Senate to play along."

"We need you to take action to make sure Gov. Sebelius is confirmed."

(emphasis added).

Richards uses some pretty inflammatory language here. Granted, she is speaking to fellow pro-choicers, but her use of words is very interesting: "radical, extreme, pressurising, dead set, convince, block and attack" make pro-life supporters appear dangerous and not quite sane. These radical extremists, according to her, are all out to prevent poor young women who are struggling with their health, from accessing proper health care. These extremists, then, are not only dangerous and a little loopy, but they are relentless in their aim of denying women their rights.

Our judgement is harsh indeed.

It is interesting to note, that pro-choice advocates use the words 'abortion' and 'full health care' synonymously. As though abortion is a part of health care, instead of it ruining countless women's physical and mental health, and destroying life. As though an abortion was all about taking care of a woman's health - when in fact it increases the risk of breast cancer and many other health problems, and lessens the chance of a safe pregnancy and birth the next time the woman wants to have a child.

Richard's words to describe the Pro-lifers actions are (not surprisingly?) un-pro-life. The words "attack, allies" and "block" seem to belong more to the group of pro-choice people than to the group of largely peaceful, pro-life t-shirt wearing, slogan - speaking, banner waving pro-lifers.
Of course, she needs to get across to her fellow pro-choicers, that these pro-life people are a violent bunch, out to attack and prevent women from accessing good health care. That way, they have at least an idea in their minds (however skewed) of what they are fighting.

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