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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Anonymity FTW

Aww, check this out!

My all-time favourite anonymous commenter has made a blog for me to read! I asked her if I could see her blog, but wasn't allowed because it had details like her name on it. So now I get to know this mysterious person a little more, yet the mysterious person retains her mystique! Love it.

- Lydie

p.s. - two posts in one day! That's surely a record.


Blogger FR said...

Aw, you've just made me blush. I'm flattered:)

Two posts are most definately a record. Well done.

I love finding things which were lost. Speaking of earrings which have been lost, I lost one of my favourites while sking ages ago. I still have its mate even though I'm pretty much certain I'll never find it. It probably got buried under snow somewhere which melted and carried it off then froze it under more snow the next year.

4:18 pm  

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