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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Glorious Qur'an

I'm reading the Qur'an at the moment.

At our University clubs days earlier this year I was given The Glorious Qur'an. A Muslim society had a little stall at the end of the row of tables, with a bookshelf parked out in front of their table. I spotted the books sitting on the shelf, and inquired if I could take one - they gave me a copy happily. I think I said I'd read it. Sadly, it's not the real deal: it's called "A Simplified Translation of The Qur'an for Young People." Well, that fits me.
What is cool about it is that it has the Arabic Text next to the English Translation - so I can flick my eyes over at the beautiful Arabic words, (which go backwards), as I read.

There's a section called "About Prophet Muhammad" which comes before the text. Interestingly, when a Muslim says or writes the word "Muhammad" referring to the Prophet, it seems to be correct ettiquette to immediately say "peace be upon him" afterwards. Throughout this little section about the Prophet's life, the abbreviation "p.b.u.h." is littered - easier for the typist I suppose.

I might give some updates on the Qur'an and some thoughts I have of it. It would be very interesting to compare the Qur'an to the Bible..

Here's a picture I found - I've decided that the man is just very small.

- Lydie


Blogger Emz said...

hahaha i love the pic of the 'small man' :p I must come have a squiz at this qur'an sometime maybe it'l make me shrink some too :p

11:47 am  
Blogger Jono said...

I actually thought it was considered rather wrong by muslims to translate it, on account of its original in heaven being in Arabic? I should like to see the arabic script sometime. It kinda looks like Woodstock's writing style...

9:10 pm  
Blogger Lydz said...

hehe Emz! We'd have to find you an ultra-small wedding dress then ey!

Hmm, interesting.. I hadn't heard of that. And Woodstock? Do enlighten me. The bird, right? (teehee, I'm such an ignoramous)

12:12 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peace be unto you,

I was just passing by and I came acroos this beaUtiful blog about the Qur'an. I am very happy that you are reading this qur'an. I see this was posted a few months back so please let me know of what you have read so far. I am a muslim from the UK. I compare religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam, the three semitic religions. They are all connected, Muslims believe in Moses and Jesus two prophets of Islam and Muhammad is the final messneger who was revealed the Qur'an.We believe Islam was the religion of God ever since the earth was created.Islam means, Submitting oneslef to the will of God(Allah). I have studied the bible and the Qur'an and hope to become an Islamic scholar by Gods will soon. The Qur'an is a fascinating book and yes in the Arabic language it is only right but it has to be translated as Muslims believe that this revelation and guidance and is the final revelation for Mankind until the last day. Please contact me if you require any info, (
Peace be upon you (Assalamu-alykum)

7:00 pm  

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