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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I See Old People

Isn't it strange to think that we'll all be old one day?
I can't imagine it, the present is too immediate. Our society's emphasis on youth, beauty, fashion, sport and the aquisition of money makes me forget that I'll be 75 one day (maybe) when none of those things will impact me.

But one day, we'll have really saggy bits, we'll probably lose at least a part of our eyesight, we might need walking sticks or a frame (horrors!) and, most tragically, our fashion sense will be quite gone.
We'll be way more fragile, and become susceptible to getting infections and diseases, as our bodies wind down and our vital organs lose their vitality.
If we're lucky, our children will let us stay with them and their families - if we're unlucky, we'll end up in a resthome, an ordinairy one or one for dementia patients.
If we get dementia (a not unlikely occurrence) we may spend the rest of our lives talking away to ourselves, or reliving old stories as though they're still relevant, or we may wander up and down purposelessly. Perhaps we may believe that our parents are still alive, or that we don't live at the resthome, but live with our families. If we're still computer savvy, maybe we'll spend a lot of our time on PensionBook.
If we're christians, we'll (hopefully) believe that we don't ever need to spend our lives, as some fit and well old people do, playing golf or going bowling.
Perhaps we'll realise that we can strive to be unselfish even in our old age, and work harder for God in evangelism, youth training, Christian book writing, and mission work. Maybe we can volunteer for work in our churches, and maybe the old women can train up the young women and wives. They could challenge the young people in their congregations to quit wasting their lives in superficialities, sport, fashion and petty relationships, and help them to see their potential for being world-shattering christians. They could be amazing models to young christians of what a Christian should look like after living a self-sacrificing life for Christ.

I would LOVE to be an old person like that! How do you plan to spend your life from 65 onwards?

- Lydie


Blogger Emz said...

hahaha pensionbook :p I'm so joining that when im old...

9:32 am  
Blogger Theresa said...

I hope that I won't loose my fashion sense when I'm old! I've seen heaps of super stylish oldies :) Phew!

1:11 pm  
Blogger Lydz said...

I doubt it Theresa. Still, it's gotta be hard to be fashionable when you're old, without looking like you're trying to look younger..

haha Emz! I can just see you on Pensionbook - "Emily Peach just poked you with her walking stick. Poke back."

11:10 pm  
Blogger Theresa said...

Interesting fact: because my Grandma is just a bit older than the Queen, her rule is this: "wear the same length skirt, colours and overall style as the Queen." - So through her whole life she has managed to look respectable and even stylish!
She tried telling me that my skirt was a different length to the Queen's once, and should therefore be lengthened... haha!

10:53 am  
Blogger Lydz said...

hahaa! That's amazing. It's true, your grandma has always looked well dressed - the things she wears are simple and elegant (just like the Queen..)

11:57 pm  

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