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Saturday, June 19, 2010


I've recently become a fan of boiled eggs.
They must be ever-so-slightly soft in the center, be served on in a cute little egg cup and be sprinkled with salt and cracked pepper. And be hot! So important - a slightly clammy, luke-warm egg would simply be unacceptable.
Although I would eat it, for the fact that it was a boiled egg. I would just protest.
What do you think about boiled eggs? Are you averse to them, apathetic, or do you love them strongly?
It seems there are some people (like Theresa) who have come from hating eggs to loving them. It was an almost necessary change; she became gluten free and had to eat something, and then gradually came to appreciate them!

There are many different ways that people eat their eggs. Some are unique and strange...
Some people enjoy eggs that have barely been boiled; they drip. That's awful - the mere idea makes me shudder.
I was greatly disturbed yesterday when one of my boiled eggs was slightly slushy. I had to tip the egg upside down and let that... fluid drip on to my plate. Eww. But, people ought to feel free to eat eggs in their own style. It seems that the eggs' texture is a matter of intense concern to many people, and is entirely a personal preference.
Mm.. toast and boiled egg! Amazing. I hope I dream of them tonight...

- Lydie

p.s. my mum was concerned about my sudden liking for boiled eggs - because they are apparently extremely high in cholestorol. I did a little research, and found that the consumption of two eggs each day has shown no adverse effect on healthy people. In fact, egg yolks contain many essential vitamins and essential minerals. Therefore (based on the premise that I'm a healthy person) I feel fine about eating them! You should too :)


Blogger surrationality said...

mmm...yes, sweet-centered hard-boiled ones that don't drip : )
and egg cholesterol's having harmful effects has been way overrated i think!

4:22 am  
Blogger Theresa said...

Yay, you mentioned me :)
Apparently the cholesterol in eggs isn't as harmful as people once thought - like there are two kinds of cholesterol or something. If you eat lots of eggs YOUR cholesterol won't actually increase... or something like that. I'm probably wrong. [I can sense another research craze coming... noo!]

7:31 pm  
Anonymous FR said...

I am a fan...of non slushy boiled eggs too. If I had to choose between too hard and too soft, I'd have to go with too hard. The thought of a so-soft-it's-dripping egg is repulsive. It's been ages since I've eaten a boiled egg in an egg cup. I think it might be time to find one:)

9:48 pm  
Blogger Lydz said...

Wow, surrationality - due to my *excellent* spying skills, I detect that you are someone I've been meaning to catch up with! Your blog is - *Lydia is speechless*. I feel like I didn't properly get to know you before, because I hadn't seen your blog! And seeing your blog has just mystified things more! It's great. How are you doing? Please come back to New Zealand!

Theresa - how could I talk about eggs and *not* mention you. You and eggs are inextricably linked in my mind now. Yes, if you could do some extensive research then tell me the bullet points I'd feel more enlightened too.

FR - I agree with everything you said! I pretty much always do :) And yes, I wanted to talk about my dislike for runny eggs in stronger terms as you did, but felt that might put off the runny-egg-preference people who (might) visit my blog ;)
You could find a cute china egg cup with pretty pictures on it!

11:52 pm  

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