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Friday, July 25, 2008


I was poking around in the free shop when I found this little number. This "Superwoman," the can-do-it-all mum is wearing a lacy apron and holding up a roast meal and a sponge cake, while her husband comes through the front door after a long day at the office. His wife has probably done the usual day's work: sent the kids off to school with perfectly packed lunches, cooked for a couple of hours, done the day's mending, had the neighbour round for a cup of tea, laid out her husband's paper, slippers and pipe, and is refreshed and ready for a relaxing evening with her husband. That was then. Of course, these days it's so much better. Because of our new freedom, (with help from Women's Lib.) we women go to Uni, spend more money, time and energy to get better qualifications ("because three years just isn't enough anymore") get married and try and pay off the mammoth student loan by holding down a job then rush home every evening to heat up some TV dinners, because the boss made us work overtime. Of course, Food in a Minute is our favourite show, because that's where we learn how to cut corners and still produce, if not delicious, at least edible, food for the family. Our two kids are, perhaps, slightly neglected. But they don't mind that. They realise that their parents need to work the long hours to pay for all the flash new gadgets they get given. Heck, someone has to pay for Jimmy's new iphone, and Caitlin's paper-thin laptop. Those days were good, when people ate "Lamb Chops with Piquant Sauce" and "Gooseberry Fool" and got their priorities right, most of the time.


Blogger Andy said...

WOW, this completely blew me away. It is a one-paragraph-marvel. And what's more, you delve into a subject which I hope to delve into soon on my blog.

3:31 pm  
Blogger Lydie said...

haha, this is only the start... ;)

10:41 pm  

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