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Monday, May 12, 2008

Evangelising in a dusty bookshop

I had 15 minutes to find the book.
Searching through boxes and dusty piles of books, I found many books which looked intersting, and a handful that I wanted to read, but not the book I was looking for... Les Mis. I was on a mission to find this book, because my curiosity had been piqued when I heard several favourable reports about it... and I wanted to read it myself. I'd watched the movie several times and it always has a sharp zing about it that made me want to follow it up by reading the book.
Besides, I had just ripped some Les Mis music and one of those... I think it was On My Own, had to be classed with my favourite songs. (Though it probably didn't have anything to do with the actual book).

I still hadn't found the book, time was running out and I had to catch the bus.
I looked up and standing to one side of me was this old man, holding a little blue book up in his hand. He had a long, untidy- looking white beard, and that's all I saw until he asked me something.
I thought he was asking the price of the book, and I was amused that he thought I was the owner or assistant of the shop.
"Uh, I don't work here."
He must have been a bit confused as he turned to walk away. Then he stopped and came back.
With a bit of a smile, he handed the book to me.
Looking down at it I was pretty amazed: 'New Testement, Psalms, Proverbs' It read.
I felt that there was some evangelising happening here.
"Oh, but I'm a christian."
"I know."
How did he know? I asked myself.
He continued:
"But I've got several to give out to people, and I'd like you to have this."
Again the smile and twinkling eyes.
Before I had time to say anything except Thankyou, he'd gone.

Wow, what a cool guy.


Blogger Andy Moore said...

Cool post Lyd, well written. More please. Oh, and... it may just be time for a change of blog template!!!

11:47 pm  

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