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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ode to the Section 59 Petition

The sky is blue, the sun is hot,
Two redheads wait in a shady spot,
In front of them a table stands,
Of a trusty, stable Bunning's brand.

To a pole and a fence signs are taped,
The content of which make people gape,
'What's this about?' a person asks,
'A stupid law has just been passed.'

'Under this law, if you smack your child,
(They don't care if his behavior's wild),
Into your house civil servants will come,
Beating upon their proverbial drum. '

'“So you smack your child,” is what they'll say,
“We're sorry, we must take the child away,
Because, (and we're certain you'll agree)
State care for your child's a necessity.” '

'And that's exactly what they'll do,
Your child will enter a State run zoo,
If you dare to use your parental right,
Your child will be in a miserable plight.'

'So help us today, and sign the petition,
Make an end to Sue Bradford's ambition,
If you don't do it now it could be too late
To save our kids from a horrible fate.'


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