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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Miss Fanny

I read the first three chapters of Mansfield Park a couple of days ago.
I was struck by Austen's wit. You can easily read over her amusing satire and take her style for granted, but when you look a bit closer, you realise her writing's full of her biting tongue-in-cheek-ness.

For some reason, this book [which contains perhaps the most boring and, arguably, the most insipid of Austen's heroines] and the heroine Fanny Price, was Austen's favourite, of all her books.
It's hard to know why. Fanny doesn't have a lot going for her. She's not 'tolerably pretty', with good teeth, fine eyes and a biting wit like Lizzy, she isn't an avid gothic-romance reader like Catherine; she doesn't have Anne's tragic romance and intelligence or Emma's penchant for matchmaking.
You could almost read the book and miss Fanny, she's such a shadow.
I like this movie adaption with Frances O'Connor - except for a couple of fast-forward scenes..
She's realistic, at least.
What do you think about this heroine? What makes her a girl worthy to be a heroine? Why would Austen have liked her so much?

- [a tired] Lydie


Blogger Theresa said...

I like her coz she's such a good girl and sticks [most of the time] to what she knows is right. I also like how she's plain and yet whathisface [that cute scoundrel guy] still really likes her. Haha!
But she falls in love with a dork.
Oh Edmund, why must you have such an awesome name, such great prospects and yet be such a looser!!!

11:08 am  
Blogger FR said...

I'll reserve final judgement on Miss Fanny Price till I've finished reading Mansfield:)

12:25 pm  
Blogger The Editrix said...


Sorry. I just wrote an epic post, and now it's just disappeared into cyberspace. Maybe tomorrow I'll work up the resolve to try again.

6:13 pm  
Blogger Lydz said...

Theresa: why do you think Ed's a loser? I guess he *is* an idiot to fall for the Crawford girl. But a loser?
Hm.. Fanny. Yes, she does the right thing even though it's difficult to do. That pretty much makes her a heroine, but she *IS* flat. hehe, Edward *is* a great name eh!

Editrix: Aw! It's awful when that happens. I hope you do re-write the comment!

11:07 pm  
Blogger Theresa said...

EDMUND! Sheesh, Lydz! ;)
He is lame because he doesn't really stick up for Fanny, because he doesn't see the amazingness (ie Fanny) that is before him and treats her like dirt. He is a bit of a coward, really.
But as I haven't read the book in awhile I won't be too harsh.... :)

9:09 am  
Blogger Lydz said...

The more I read the book the more I agree with you! He's lame as. He's pretty thick too, that's what I dislike most about him. First he totally misreads Mrs. Norton's character [which would be hard for even a stupid person to do] then he does the same for both Fanny and Miss Crawford. Meh.

9:13 pm  

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