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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Stars, and things

This evening mum pointed out to me the scene outside, from where she was sitting by our lounge window. The trees were rigid charcoal outlines, branches curved upwards, and the fence was the dividing point between black earth and darkening sky. The base-line of the sky was a soft apricot colour which blurred into gray-blue. Extending up over the fence was a network of branches belonging to our baby walnut tree, and through them the first star glinted, luminous - situated halfway between the division of sky-colours.

We looked at the view, mum sitting on the couch, me leaning over the back of it, sinking in some of that completeness of a well-made scene. Then Mum called Dad to come and look.
It's interesting, the way we humans are made to appreciate beauty. Seeing something that seems perfect in intricate beauty satisfies us, as well as challenging our perceptions of beauty.

Because these things of beauty - like the open, pink lily standing erect in the vase across from where I'm typing - are beautiful because they are made up of many complicated parts that are united in making one, beautiful picture.
And while we appreciate, and our souls give a sort of inward sigh of pleasure at seeing something beautiful - (doesn't that sound corny, now?) - we see the different parts that make up the whole.

Just like a bunch of flowers (while I'm on the flower theme). ...Like the bunch that's beside my laptop right now, a present Mum got for Mother's Day, has beauty in each individual flower and in the entire display. I feel like I'm stating the obvious but I'll continue anyway- the florist knew that bright pink gerbras and soft, creamy ranunculuses would not go together, and so she chose the green, white and purple colour scheme. Similarly, I know God, like the florist, has excellent taste in creating both flowers with all their parts, and people, so complicated but (sometimes) nice to look upon, and landscapes/views.
Right. That's me for tonight (whoops, early morning!)

- Lydie

p.s. You anonymous people really are mysterious! Love it!


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It's all part of our charm...

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anonymity ftw!

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