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Monday, May 03, 2010

On Lord of the Rings, Marshmallows and Hot Chocolate

My brother Nathan and I are reading The Fellowship of the Ring at the moment. Gandalf has just 'died' - fallen into the black abyss of the Mines of Moria with the hideous Belrog. Aragorn has already proved his leadership skills, shouting: "Come! I will lead you now! We must obey his last command. - (which was "Fly, you fools" - Gandalf's gracious parting words) - Follow me!"
The rest of the company are outside the Mines, falling on the ground, weeping and pulling their hair out while the sun shines with obscene brilliance.

We have four days to finish forty pages of the book - wherin, methinks, we shall learn of Lothlorien, the gladsome Galadriel, and her hippy Lord, Celeborn. I dare say we'll hear from Boromir, who up till now has hidden his true feelings of the ring.

Nath and I have a tradition/rite of drinking hot chocolate and devouring marshmallows while reading books by the Great J.R.R. Tolkien.
There isn't anything that one can sip while reading a good book that rivals a steaming mug of cocoa that has marshmallows slowly melting and spreading on top.
Although we've found hot blackcurrant works well if chocolate powder is in limited supply.
And now, the certain somethings you've been waiting to see. Can't have a post on LOTR without including some pictures from the movie..

Here's the ultimate tall, dark, handsome hero: he's also got a sense of humour, natural leadership skills and vast quantities of courage.

As all dark, handsome heroes are apt to do, he doesn't marry the woman he should - the heroic, 'feminist', capable and lovely Eowyn (Miranda Otto in this picture)

Instead he goes for the perfection-of-beauty, Arwen. She's a stunner, but she's also got a very dreamy aura around her that makes me want to shake her back to reality. Aragorn seems to like her though, so I guess the tall, dark, dreamy women have their place.

Here's the tragic protagonist, Frodo Baggins. He's kind of obsessed with the ring, quite similar to Gollom but better looking:

What is it about the Lord of the Rings that you like? Is it chiefly the characters, the story, the vivid imagery, or the concepts? Do you ever read stories aloud to anyone? If you do, do you get into it and try to re-create the different voices?
And one more question: Please guys, I need things to write about. Sometimes I just don't have enough ideas happening, so please fire me some things you'd like me to write about, and I may (or may not!) give it a go! :)

- Lydie



Blogger Tiff said...

Hey Lyds - i love your i will try and think about more topics for you to write...mmm...more about jane austen's writing? or maybe you could describe an everyday object in as much detail as possible, and let the reader try and figure out the object by its dscription? mmm...just some ideas :P And yes...btw...there is nothing better than having the marshmellows slowly melt into the hot chocolate as the you become invovled in the story line :P

1:00 am  
Blogger Lydz said...

Hi Tiff! Good to hear from you :) *poke!*
Aww, thanks. Jane Austen eh? What books do you like the most that she wrote? Ideas for themes I could write about from her books?
Mmmmm... yes, hot chocolate. Soo good. By the way, I'm pretty sure that Cadbury's hot chocolate doesn't have soy aye. At least, I remember checking the label for it at the shops after you left us (*sobs*) and I'm pretty sure it doesn't.
The caramel hot choc's pretty decent, and there's peppermint too, but I haven't tried that one.

How's things with you anyway? Are you at work now? Did the Thai trip go well, on the whole? Love you Tiff! Come back to NZ sooon!

1:25 pm  
Blogger Tiff said...

Aww *blushing smiley face, kicks ground* shucks :P Lol, i miss you dude >.< Trip was incredible, in the process of moving over there for a year (i know i said the same thing about NZ lol, but i've actually applied and have an interivew with the mission group OMF for the position in a couple of weeks. Epicness :) Umm, i haven't read any of her books (i got half way through the intro of P+P lol), but i love the BBC series of P+P and i just love the style of her writing, how everything is old fashioned and the right ppl fall in love with each other eventually (unlike half of the modern movies out there). OH! i had a Cadbury caramel hot choc yesterday! - ur stalking me aren't you -_- :P and yeah it was really gooood.... :P Miss you heaps *pokes* i even sent you a postcard y'day, hope it gets to you soon :) Love from me :D

1:30 pm  

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