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Thursday, April 29, 2010

On Felting

Tonight was felting night at our house. Mum's making gifts to give away. When she gets into a creative mood, the things she produces are quite spectacular..
Have you heard of felting before? It's a craft that consists of rubbing soap and hot water into wool. The wool 'base' has lots of cut out/strips of different coloured wools on it, making a picture, and when the warm soapy mixture is rubbed in, the wool fibers in the pieces meld into the fibers of the base, thus creating a picture that sticks together.

Here are some examples of felting, if you're curious. (Not done by our family!)

You have to love those colours! All it needs is a bit of green.. (green all the way, baby)

Haha! Cool what you can do with a few fibers..

Not quite sure what one would do with this - but it's unique and special in its own way!

Anyway, the artwork that me, Mum and a few friends who were around at our house produced was amazing. We rubbed the wool that was protected by bubble wrap (each plastic bubble is supposed to rub the wool) with the soapy mixture for over half an hour. Our hands had never been cleaner, and probably never will be again.
The picture was set against a creamy wool background, with blue waves and strands of white silk for foam. Among the waves dolphins and whales swam, wrapped in the waves, and overhead were white seagulls.. Ahh, so pretty.


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