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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Of Leaves, the Sky and Skeletons

When pondering what to write today, I realised that the leaves stewn in a thick blanket throughout Christchurch are blog-worthy.

It's Autumn. The trees, in order to start their budding program for Spring, rid themselves of every toxin they possess by depositing them in their leaves, then discarding them over the ground.
And the result is beautiful.
Today I went with a group of people from our church to visit the old folk at a resthome, and noticed that the trees outside the building had carpeted the vibrant grass with masses of ochre, orange and vermillion leaves.

So I picked some up. The veins had paled, and were made more distinct by the deep crimson of their backdrop, and on one leaf I found golden-yellow highlights, splashed in among the red.

On these trees, the branches were beginning to show through. Autumn is an undressing season: trees everywhere discard their leaves when they are at their most magnificent state, leaving only the trunk and branches, the skeletons of former beauty.

I like these skeletons. On nights when the sun is just leaving, but still touching some objects with golden light and casting others in shadow, the skeletons of trees are at their most eerie. The sky all around them is pale, while they stand out as black outlines, stretching branches like arms into the sky, as though embracing it.

..and another creepy picture of trees:

Tell me, reader, do you also have a love for this season of dramatic beauty? Stand in solidarity with me and explain what you like about it! Please do.

- Lydie


Blogger Siminy said...

Those pictures are verily spooky. I like it. I must admit, I don't notice it much, as only a few trees shed there leaves here. The rest stay vibrantly green, as though seasons have no meaning, other than the amount of rain we receive from the skies. Or rather, clouds. Which are frequently pierced with gold light, as though they are at war with the sun and have just been stabbed through.

Now I'm rambling on. I shall stop now. Otherwise I'll continue forever. =)

9:27 pm  
Blogger Lydz said...

Isabella! I just looove your imagination. ...clouds stabbed through with gold light! I can see that so vividly. At war with the sun. Wow, next time you have a flash of imagination like that, keep it coming!

10:51 pm  

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