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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Introducing Brave Saint Saturn.

What a name, right? I don't quite understand it myself.
The music is excellent. It's "astro-rock" - astronaut rock music. It's a Christian band, based in Denver, Colorado and the theme of most of the songs is isolation, loneliness, desperation and ultimately hope in God's salvation. These themes come out strongly through the concept of robots and astronauts sent out into space...
What I like most about it is perhaps the pain-filled anger and the hope that creeps in towards the end of some of these songs - particularly in this song, Daylight..

I could easily be their biggest fan - but only because so few people actually know about them.
Well, perhaps that's overstating my commitment a little..
Interestingly, this band is the little side kick of another band: Five Iron Frenzy, and is led by the lead singer of that band, Reese Roper. According to Wiki, BSS is the band which took on all the songs that didn't quite fit FIF's style. The Great Wiki says: "the music of Brave Saint Saturn... is fundamentally rooted in synthesizer-bathed post-punk and haunting ballads. The band also describes themselves as being the "supersonic-philharmonic", in reference to their blending of rock music, classical instruments, synthesizers, and beat loops."
I only understand part of that.
What do you think about BSS? Were you aware of its existence? If not, what were your initial impressions?


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