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Monday, May 17, 2010

Of theme songs, sounds and smells

Everyone has a theme song of their lives. What's yours?

Here's mine. It's the one that comes out of me whatever I'm doing - whether I'm scrubbing up the dishes, walking across wet fields in the rain, biking around, or just singing it at the top of my voice in our cul de sac - much to the surprise of our neighbours, no doubt.

This song is integrated with this one.. It's so beautiful, and I love that she's singing about her relationship with God, rather than just another human romance.

On a similar, yet different topic. Everyone has sounds that mean something to them - remind them of home, or are somehow comforting. You must have them. What are they?
For me, it's the popping of the toaster, the little sound the kettle makes as you switch it on, the steaming and rumbling of the kettle as it reaches a boil, the soft, sighing sound a pillow makes when you lie your head down on it, the first drops of rain on the stones on the path outside my room, the rustling of hedgehogs in the leaves outside, the satisfying sound pages make when you turn them to get to the next, gripping page of your book. I could go on. I won't.

Similarly; smells.
Everyone has favourite smells. What are yours? I have two main ones: crackling bacon as it's just beginning to smell delicious, and the hungrifying smell that toast makes when it's starting to burn. But there are others.. when I'm cooking curry, the warm spiciness that just seeps through the entire house, or steaming, fragrant tea, or the dry, aromatic smell of basmati rice, or sniffing an open bottle of vanilla essence (believe me, the smell is amazing if the VE's the real stuff - no chemicals), chocolate brownie when it's cooking, sweet, malty aroma of milo, all hot, with a skin forming and marshmallows plunged in and melting. The sharp-sweet, woodsy, tangy, wild smell of a braeburn when you bite into it.. I could continue, on and on. I won't.

Do tell me what your theme song and favourite sounds and smells are though. :)

- Lydie


Blogger Siminy said...

Hmmmm... Theme song of my life.... Let me think about it....

Something from Lord of the Rings, only I'm not sure what it is called, I've just heard whilst watching the movie.

Rain, rather large drops that make a defined plunk noise. Whistling wind. The sound of a sewing machine whirling. Pages turning. Fire crackling gently in the back round. The click of keys.

Rain drops on hot concrete. Sun baked grass. Sea breeze. Freshly cut wood. Old Books. The smell of hot drinks. The certain type of tree that we use for a Christmas tree. (No, it is not pine) Fejoas.

1:06 am  
Anonymous a faithful reader said...

I don't know that I have one theme song for my life. I have a few:) I'll indulge you by telling you that one of them is Edith Piaf's La Vie en Rose.
I love smells. It's the small things, you know. I love getting home and the smell of something cooking/baking fills the air. I love the beautiful aroma of espresso coffee pouring into a cup producing a near-perfect crema...with silky frothed milk = divine! And there's this one purfume I owe which I bought on a very special oversees trip. One spritz and I'm transported to a world filled with treasured memories. There are more, but I'll spare you.
Sounds. I love hearing rain on the roof, the lock of the front door being turned and I have a pair of shoes, one of which squeaks when walking. It's rather an odd sound and I've contemplated not wearing them anymore but I like them too much to resort to that...yet:)

7:22 pm  
Blogger 1 of 8 said...

My favourite theme songs are the ones from the 'Spirit' movie:

'I Will Always Return'

'Here I am'

'This is where I belong'

'Get off my Back'

8:34 pm  
Blogger 1 of 8 said...

But for my life my favourite song is 'Your Raise me up' even though it's not a theme song.

8:36 pm  
Blogger Lydz said...

Wow, I like how creative and descriptive you guys were in your comments - I could just pretty much hear those sounds and smell the smells.. lovely. Interesting how much these things mean to us, even if we don't usually think about them.
Mmm, Siminy - sun baked grass and freshly cut wood. How summery..
Ooh, so I now know that you're a young lady, FR. That is, unless you're a guy who buys perfume on special overseas trips. On the other hand, there aren't that many guys who would also love La Vie en Rose.
From my careful analysis, I deduct that you are of the female sex. ;)
thanks for sharing..

1 of 8 - cool! I'll look them up! And I LOVE 'you raise me up' especially the version by.. I think it's Westlife? So good.

11:12 pm  
Anonymous a faithful reader said...

Correct! Sorry to dissapoint;)

1:53 pm  

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