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Friday, May 21, 2010


I haven't written for two days. I blame it on my crazy uni schedule of essays due every week for four weeks, but of course it's really my own fault. If I'd been organised, as certain helpful people have pointed out to me, I wouldn't have had to stay up into the wee sma's writing furiously, and I certainly wouldn't have nails that are an inch long.

There are all sorts of good things that result from an organised, disciplined life. For instance, if I slept eight hours every night, I would have a beautiful, glowing complexion and would never suffer from zits. Similarly, if I drank eight glasses of sparkling, clear water each day I would be able to concentrate on my studies better, would never have headaches, and my beautiful, glowing complexion would become more radiant each day.

If I planned to fall asleep at 10:00 pm and woke up at 7:30 am as a natural part of my disciplined, orderly life, I'd soon find that everything that needed to be done in the day would be done efficiently and, most importantly, it would be done. A consequence of this self-discipline would be a complete end to getting to Uni classes late, and would almost certainly entail respect from my classmates.

If I kept my room in a perfect state of equilibrium - with the top of the piano utterly cleared except for a neat stack of hymn books, and with every shelf of books cleared of surplus accessories, if every item that was not desk-related was eliminated from my desk, if there were no hazardous cords tangled on the floor, and if the bunk beds were made up - life would be pleasant and ordered; I would know precisely where each book was on my numbered and categorised bookshelf, and I would never, ever have a problem of spare socks.

If I gave up baking while at Uni and allowed other people to use the kitchen, I would be able to focus exclusively on my studies and I would achieve excellent grades. Similarly, if I didn't allow myself to become weighed down with extra activities other than church bible studies and church sermons, my grade levels would be extraordinarily high.

Life would be a beautiful thing to live if I were able to just have a little self-discipline.


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