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Sunday, May 23, 2010


It's strange to see your own reflection.

Of course, everyone has knowledge of their appearance, even if some seem to be unaware of the concept of a mirror. But when you look at yourself looking at yourself in a mirror - it can have an odd effect on you. You're suddenly seeing what other people see when they look at you - all the little things that other people could judge you by: messy, frizzy hair that sticks up in strange places; buttons askew, spots, freckles, under-eye circles, smudged makeup. There is a realization that people actually see the outside of you, rather than feeling with you all the thoughts and ideas that you have, which you see as making up your identity - all they have to go on is externals.

But more than that, you see yourself as a whole person - the external that covers the internal you.
Sometimes you re-adjust your perceptions of yourself, of your character by looking at the image of yourself. You wonder whether the image reflected back at you embodies your character - if it is true to who you are. Then (if you're like me) you decide that a lot of what you look like is due to your character anyway - that what you do and how you think evolves your appearance. It accounts for little frown lines on the top ridge of your nose, and the curving crease-lines at the corner of your eyes. The slightly watchful, determined or dreamy look that comes from drooping or widened eyelids.

Like the girl in the above photo, you often compare yourself with other people, or with an ideal of female/male beauty/good looks. If the balance lies in your favour, you feel confident; if not, you stay dissatisfied.


- Lydie


Anonymous FR said...

Two thumbs up!
It's so true. Sometimes I don't feel like my inside and outside person match either:) But then, we view ourselves with all our intricacies, others don't always have access to the knowledge we have of ourselves. We're complex people, aren't we?

4:09 pm  
Blogger Lydz said...

Yay! Someone who thinks like me :)
Yes, complex is a good way of describing it. It's interesting that we can't ever seem to understand ourselves completely - why we act/think the way we do. Hmm... I have an idea for my blog post tonight now! You sparked it FR - thanks :)

- Lydie

11:43 pm  

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