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Monday, August 09, 2010


it wasn't true.

The thought ran, sometimes halting to wait for the preoccupied mind, but always returning there, illuminating the darker recesses and piercing the illusions that the mind, possessive, had clung to.
And the infrastructure of the mind had to be restructured, not reformed. Perhaps a part of the essential foundation eliminated, and some new idea pushed in by a desire unwilling but a mind fascinated.

And she, the mind, was realising that this was the growth of herself, as old and new ideas struggled and did battle.
That growing maturity is both death and life, metamorphosis that painfully casts off the shell of old thinking and feels the knife thrust and raw cold of reality.

Less true now, the thoughts of last year, but in ways hard to comprehend now, true for the time.
The vision now was clearer, the mist evaporating because of experience that had revealed greater depth, height and distance.

- Lydie


Blogger Siminy said...

This is a very interesting post Lydz. I like it. The discriptions, everything.

8:41 pm  
Blogger Lydz said...

the fact that you liked it might indicate that you understand it [or even [horrors] sympathise?]

11:17 pm  
Blogger Siminy said...

Brace yourself....

I must admit that I do.

Siminy =)

10:53 am  
Anonymous mrsnzmoore said...

Is this working like de Bono's provocation? Some new idea forcing change on the old pathways that our mind usually glides along?

9:18 am  
Blogger FR said...

Lydie, your writing is fascinating!
I loved this. And had to read it twice;)
Truly, you've beautifully articulated something that I've been abstractly musing over just this week. I found one of my old diaries which I had kept when I was a teenager. What an insightful look back into the mind of my younger self. I remembered writing those things, feeling them, thinking them...but I don't really understand them now because my perspective has changed so much. It's no longer that of an adolescent, but through the eyes of an adult that I analyse my thoughts. And even though there is a decade that separates my current and younger self (in which time you would naturally expect a maturation of thought), it made me realise how our changing thoughts, ideas, philosophies etc shape who we are. They get left behind over time as our identity, thought process, ideals etc become deeper, more meaningful, more articulated, more concrete in nature. Thinking about this also made me aware how important our ideas and thoughts about now really are. They are the building blocks to our new understandings, which create depth to our current understandings. Ok, this is getting very deep and philosophical…I’m not even sure if any of it made sense.

2:53 pm  
Blogger Lydz said...

wow FR, that was a thought-and-a-half! You could almost expand something like that and post it on your blog?
I really like it - and I hadn't thought of that before. I guess I'd always assumed that we lose ideas along the way, but this makes more sense.
Some ideas are lost I suppose, but you're right, we have to have those initial ideas before we can understand more of reality. hmm.. I like it. Thanks for getting my brain going!

11:55 am  
Blogger Lydz said...

Yes mum! that's exactly what it's like.. And you're right about "forcing change". Not many of us would trade comfort for a more expansive understanding if they had the choice.

11:59 am  

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