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Tuesday, August 03, 2010


her eyes were black holes, sweeping over the lines and curves and pulling them effortlessly into her mind, where her brain clasped them, greedily teasing out the concepts.

her ears heard nothing, though the moss-coloured computer chair creaked with leaning weight, the computer hummed and the mouse clicked, plasticy under her grasping hand.

the thoughts new-dyed her mind, spreading, overtaking, no layers of thought now, only one new multi-faceted concept at a time that her brain struggled with, fascinated, then understood, partially.

Looking back to experience, but she couldn't understand these ideas. Couldn't, because she'd never been under the weight, strong pressure that falls heavily on the mind and can't be removed - the weight that forces them to write, not for freedom because freedom doesn't come that way, but to be able to articulate the heaviness, and therefore relieve it a little.

Her brain expanded with new thoughts, clouded in mystery, ideas she half-understood. Not yet.

- Lydie

p.s. this one's for you, microchiroptera. I read some of your older posts then wrote this.


Blogger a bite of air said...

thanks Lyd. i love reading your thoughts too. it's been a really compressed few weeks, and i'm going to write a little in my poor starved blog, before it shrivels up..!

11:43 pm  

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