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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Social Engineering

There is a lot of negative feeling towards Sue Bradford's bill. That states the obvious, but from that I made a conclusion: the media, the Press and Parliament failed to change the country's long - standing morals and values. The Press tried to change general thought. For months before Sue Bradford's bill was known about, they had articles on the front page and front pages about child abuse and child death rates. They tried to create a feeling of shame in their readers minds for our country's child death rates. I believe they knew about the proposed bill, and that they tried to prime us for what was coming. They were not prepared for the response the people gave them.
Their scheme failed.

Even when the MPs knew that 80% + of the New Zealand public were against the bill going through, they side-stepped us and in reply to our emails to them, gave us a long list of people and organisations that were for the bill. Then they told us that if those persons were for the bill then the bill must be a good thing.

When that and other stratagies didn't work and the general public were still against the bill,
they quickly drafted an amendment which was almost identical to the original bill and was vague as to what parents would be prosecuted for.

Our country is (or is suposed to be) a democracy. The Labour and National party do not work with those principles. Helen Clark and John Key made the members in their partys vote for the bill. If the members in Parliament are not allowed a consience vote, what is the point of a democracy, and why are we as citezens allowed a consience vote? They put the amendment through as quickly as they were legally able to. They did not think about the consequences. They did not consider 80% + of New Zealanders opinions. For some reason they thought that their few parlimentarians knew more than the majority of four million people.


Blogger Andy Moore said...

Ah, so it's not Civil Engineering after all eh?

4:40 pm  
Blogger Lydz said...

yeah, you were wrong

6:52 pm  

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