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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

'Hey, there's a bed over there!' My brother Andy pointed to a wooden frame on the grass by the side of Cutts road. 'Go back Dad, It's probably free.' Dad did a sweet U turn, drove around the roundabout and skidded the brakes as he neared the frame. 'Look, there's a sign on it.' Andy said. 'Get out and see if it's a free sign.' Dad suggested. We hopped out, inspected the damp sign (the bed and the sign had been out in the rain) had a quick squiz at the bed. It seemed ok as beds go. I wondered why the people were just throwing the thing away, they could have made some money on it. 'I'll bet we could make some easy cash on this thing.' I said. Andy was looking keen as he does when he knows there is money in a project. 'Come on Dad, let's carry the thing home.' Dad looked somewhat skeptical. Dad would rather be seen dead than carry a large, free bed home with his son at 9:30 at night.

I had no such qualms, however, so Andy and I picked up the bed and we walked home with it. We walked with the thing for a while and then Andy put his side down at the start of the entrance to Crosby park. He picked it up easily, pushed the massive frame onto his back and carried it with his hands under it.

The moon shone out and in front of us was this shadow that looked like Jacob and his ladder, kind of eerie. 'I'm making it my challenge to carry the bed home by myself.' Andy puffed a little as he said this. I am fairly used to doing strange and unusual things, but I had to wonder what the guy who passed us thought.

Andy, me and the bed got home in one piece. Who said we were ordinary people?

N.B. We got $80 dollars for the bed


Blogger Theresa said...

hahahahahahaha, I can imagine you guys doing that. however, Andy has to be an idiot doing that coz of history of back problems in your fam. hahahaha,

12:01 pm  
Blogger Andy Moore said...

(clears throat)

8:30 pm  
Blogger Andy Moore said...

I need a shower. Quite urgently.

So when's your next blog?
You going to tell people how you taught a class of Primary children at a school today?...

5:44 pm  

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