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Sunday, April 01, 2007

A comedy of politics

Every morning at 9:30 Bill (who is in politics and strongly resembles Clayton Cosgrove) parks his silver-grey chrysler in the vacant parking lot. He jumps out, trips on the ditch by his front wheel and falls flat on his face. Bill is a big man and it takes a while for him to get back onto his feet. The problem is, he does not have a retentive memory and so he always falls over. He gets up and looks around. No one has noticed. Using this morning's paper he bends down, dusts off his shoes and tries to get rid of the dirt on the front of his gucci pants. Cursing his own stupidity, he walks with a shaking gait over to the office. Standing by the window in the office facing the carpark is Bill's PA.

Every morning he drinks his coffee at 9:30, to wake himself up, and stands by the window as he drinks it. And every morning he laughs inwardly at the picture he sees of Bill , his aggravatingly pompous figure lying face down into the puddle which is left by the rain water pipe. It keeps him in a relatively good mood all day. Bill does not know that he makes his PA's day livable because his PA is a secretive man with a quirky sense of humour. The PA realises that Bill will walk in at any moment and intuitively hides himself in stacks of paperwork. The door opens, letting in a blast of cold air, and the Boss. Covering the wet patch with the crumpled morning's paper, Bill assumes an air of ignorance of his wet pants. The PA looks up with a slight grin. "Wet your pants again, Bill?"


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