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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hippy Juliet, Hippy Romeo and the Country Gentleman

"It's a bit hip" - Andy.

We formulated the plan yesterday: 1. Sneak over to the park in hippy gear. 2. Take some ultra - random pictures. 3. Don't get caught.

Everything worked according to plan: Apart from one freaked out looking lady pushing a pram, no one saw us and the whole park was ours. I'd found a bit of liberty cotton fabric with some retro flowers printed on it and tied it round my head: perfect, a hippyish scarf. Mum had conveniently bought a brick - orange top which sort of hangs off one shoulder. Fantastic. About a year ago I'd found some ultra - long painted wooden earings that had dangly bits on them. On they go. Take a look in the mirror: result, not bad. Andrew's trying out next year's fashion with a black, ringleted wig and an orange and white bandanna, also a crinkled blue singlet that has seen better days.
From somewhere Nath has found the English gentleman's poncy straw hat and is trying it out in the mirror. It looks just right on him, but he complains that it looks awful. We bang it on his head and drag him off to the park.

We've reached the spot we had in our minds to take the pictures from, but have no idea what to do. Andy orders me to "go over there"... I strike a hands - on - hips - eyes - narrowed pose and Andy takes a couple. A peice of bark that looks like a cigar, the hat and my cardigan make Nathan the genuine English country gentleman, idling, enjoying life with a self - assured, complacent look. Nath was born to do this.

We walk around the rugby league building and regard with interest a handy staircase that goes up to the top part of the building. Very Westside Story. I climb up to the top and say "Hey! We could do Romeo and Juliet! Flinging out his arm and looking pleadingly up at me, Andy becomes the Hippy Romeo, and I stretch out my arm to him in some kind of mute appeal. Nathan takes the photos with the camera on Andy's phone.

The slap of a hand on metal makes me look down. Andy is clinging to the pole, climbing up it towards the platform I'm standing on. I've got absolutely no idea how he does it, but tell Nath to hurry up with the camera 'cause I'm guessing this isn't easy, and might not last. Nath hurries up. Hooking one hand around the iron frame on top of the platform, Andy stretches his arm up and I place mine delicately in his. Nath obediently takes the photo. With a groan, Andy unhooks his hand and slides/falls down the pole to the ground. Phew.


Blogger Jono said...

What happened to the country gentleman?

4:29 pm  
Blogger Gabby said...

wow, those photos are brilliant!!! :)

5:12 pm  
Blogger Lydie said...

Thanks Gabby! haha, are people guessing who you are?
ummm, yeah. I did the post without the country gentleman pic, then edited it and included it. He is so very cool.

6:13 pm  
Blogger Gabby said...

hmmm, a little. But that makes it all the more fun... ;)

8:55 pm  

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