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Saturday, September 06, 2008

"Trust Caci" - Yeah Right.

from an article by

"To women everywhere: It's time to stop being dowdy and old. You have areas of concern? Botox can fix it for you. Are you feeling older than you really are? Having trouble with those wrinkles round your eyes that just won't go away and the irritating frown lines? Frustrated by your lip wrinkles and brows that were never the right shape? Botox has the answer.
Because, get with it! This is 2008, and it's no longer ok to be out of shape. With just a few quick injections, all your problems will be solved and you'll have confidence to go out into society again. Our mothers never had the benefit of using botox, and didn't they look awful? Thankfully, times have changed. We can be turning 50 but look 35 because of wonderful new technology like Botox or Juvederm Dermal Filler. Women: don't be content with the way you look. Wrinkles are not okay anymore and neither is looking old if you don't need to. Women: It's time to embrace a better future! Come to your nearest Caci Medispa for treatment and receive a FREE CACI Anti - Ageing Eye treatement valued at $75 to maximise your results!"


All power to women (and men) who are content with how God made them. Paul the apostle said he was content in whatever situation he found himself in, and he had a harder life than most people. I get the feeling that he wouldn't have gone in for these botox treatments to erase the look of his latest ship wreck or beating.
The unfortunates go for these 'treatments' and have all their lines erased, those 'crow's feet' - the lines around people's eyes when they smile, which gives their face character, and the 'chin crease' which is, heck, so normal anyway. They get the Lip Rejuvenation and Enhancement' which I suppose must plump up your lips, and they get those frown lines removed. For a while after these visits, victims must look, in an Avon - magazine - way, better. Of course, they look different. The map of their life which was on their face is gone. They look fake enough to be socially accepted and they feel, oh so good about it. Tragically, this doesn't last.

Here's an excerpt from an article on botox side effects, from

Months after US authorities sounded the alarm, European officials are warning of dangerous possible side effects from the wrinkle-smoothing injection Botox, according to a German news report.

The London-based European Medicines Agency had by August 2007 recorded more than 600 cases of negative effects potentially linked to the popular cosmetic treatment, Focus news weekly reported in its issue to be released Monday.

In 28 cases Botox users died.

Botulinum toxin is in botox, here's what they say about it:

The botulinum toxin is a natural poison found in decomposing food that is 40 million times more powerful than cyanide.

When injected, tiny doses paralyse a muscle and prevent it from contracting for between four and six months -- ideal for temporarily eliminating worry lines but potentially deadly if it affects the wrong muscles, authorities said.


Blogger Andy said...

Wow, this article is so timely! I was just about to ring the local beauty clinic to book in my first botox session.

Oh how I would like a face like the one in the picture. With lips permanently stiffened back, locking the jaw into an eternal open position. A nose closely resembling Michael Jackson's trademark, and not a wrinkle to be seen, thanks to the enamel-like skin which takes away the sensation of touch.

Alas, for it shall never be.

11:22 pm  

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