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Monday, September 29, 2008

Ignorance is so 2006

Some thoughts about life in general...

My mind is like a narrow tube which only selects certain approved things to believe. It always compares whatever situation I'm in with someone else's and then it makes decisions based on the scan. My mind believes in free will, in me, as in a human being who consciously decides what to do and does it unhindered. I believe that without taking into account all the things that tilt the scales in my mind. I believe in the Bible, in Jesus Christ (my hero :) but still in this uncompromisingly narrow, limited way. Any real growth that should be happening in my spiritual life is stunted by my formulaic mindset. Partly I believe what I want to believe, partly what my society has taught me to believe. I am a christian but my mind is warped by the endless repetitions of a society which preaches promiscuity, moral-less human beings, the need to conform, religious tolerance in the extreme, the rights of man, also to the extreme, a Babel - like Communism.

It scares me to think that I and many others will become mindless bolts in the machinery of the State if we don't literally stand up against our society.

We are not animals but they are indoctrinating our new generation that we are. They are dishing up the half - baked hypothesis of Evolution to five year olds and feeding them with it every day. What frightens me is that by telling our children that that are animals, they are creating animals. Human beings who were never told that they were made in God's image, that were never taught morals, let alone the good old Ten Commandments. Instead of hating what is evil and loving what is good we repeat the pattern of the Fall and are being told to love evil.

Our senses are tempted everywhere we look or go. In taking away morals and truth, selflessness and respect for our neighbour they are creating humans who are about as dead morally as animals. Worse, because we are innately wicked. Instead of self-control we can have self indulgence... because "Everyone must be allowed to express themselves." They say.

Their evil plan is working. Already we live our little autonomous lives in our ignorance and stupidity. Some irritating person said: "Ignorance is bliss." Well he was ignorant. The thing is, bliss doesn't matter if there's no grounding of truth behind it. What our country needs is real men and women who want to discover the truth and do something about it.


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