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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Bennett Family's Newsletter

To my dear ______

This is a newsletter from the Bennett family, we are sorry it has taken so long to write it. As you know, with the latest disturbance in our family, our mother is struggling to regain her health, and is now confined to her bed, where she complains of her nerves. Our kind Aunt Phillips calls nearly every day, and offers as much encouragement as can be given, at a time like this. We hope to hear soon whether our Uncle has found Lydia and Wickham in London, and pray that they might be married as soon as possible. Mother is set on having Lydia marry at the most expensive establishment, and insists on showing her the best warehouses. Mr Collins was condescending enough as to pay us a visit. We were condescending enough to listen to him for ten minutes. He was gracious enough to say that the death of our sister Lydia was a better future for her than her present position, we were indebted to him.

Jane has been staying in London for the past three months, in the hope of seeing Mr. Bingley there.
She has not had that pleasure, but has had the even greater joy of seeing her dear friend, Caroline Bingley. Lizzy recently went on holiday with her Aunt to Derbyshire, where she toured the vast estate of Pemberly, and was surprised to see Mr. Darcy. He was most obliging and invited the party to dinner, which they accepted. Lizzy met Mr. Darcy's sister there, Miss Georgiana. She is a most delightful young lady: she plays and sings all day long.

Mary is deeply engrossed in Fordyces Sermons, and only rarely emerges to the surface. Kitty, our second youngest, cries because our father says that not another officer may enter the village.
We have recently been honoured with a visit from Mr. Collins' noble patroness, Lady Catherine de Burg. She was a little upset about something: Lizzy says she believed it was something to do with the shades of Pemberly being polluted.

We hope that you and your family are in good health, and that you are all coming to the next ball at Meryton?

With fond regards,

The Bennett family


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