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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Exciting Stats

The abortion statistics for 2008 that were released on June 16 are exciting news for us pro-lifers. In 2007, 18,380 abortions were committed, 98.7 of which were done for 'mental - health' excuses. Abortions in 2008 were down 440, at 17,940 for the year, or 19.7 abortions per thousand women. That's a fundamental drop from the peak rate of 20.8 abortions per thousand women in 2003.

Increasingly, the pro-life movement is waking up and becoming more active in spreading the life message. Planned Parenthood New Zealand has claimed the victory by saying that this success is largely due to extensive safe sex and pregnancy education in schools. In fact, this kind of 'health' education does not produce these statistics. Pro-life organisations throughout New Zealand which are becoming more active by spreading a life message, are the most probable cause of this abortion drop.

It's not enough though. 17,940 abortions too many happened last year. This year, due to more action among young people, we are hoping to see another drop in the abortion rate.
There's a great site for pro-life teens who want to get more active and discuss abortion and the pro-life cause with other teens:

See you there :)


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